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Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy Attorney | The Tax Attorney.com : South San Francisco, CA
Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, we over budget or overestimate our ability to handle certain financial obligations.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation | The Tax Attorney.com : South San Francisco, CA
Perhaps you require mediation for your bankruptcy issues, tax problems, IRS audit, wage garnishment, or other financial entanglement...

Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution | The Tax Attorney.com : South San Francisco, CA
Back-tax debt to the IRS can build up over time, resulting in a loss to the IRS of tens of thousands of dollars. The IRS offers relief in ...

IRS Fact Finding Investigation

CAUTION: DO NOT SIGN any agreement for tax resolution with any company until you fully understand what you are getting into. Start with our IRS Fact Finding Investigation (“FFI”) at $499 first. This special IRS FFI service will give you the upper hand when dealing with the IRS. Click on IRS Investigation to read more.

From large, complex payroll tax problems to individual tax problems, let the tax experts at The Tax Attorney help you resolve your IRS and other financial issues today! We're all human, and that means making silly, foolish mistakes from time to time. And sometimes, we simply get sidetracked by situations beyond our control and get behind on our finances. Life happens. But when the IRS gets involved, life can feel like it's suddenly crashing down around you. Erase the stress and lift the burden of debt, annoying creditors, IRS audits, back-tax problems, wage garnishment, and more, once and for all. Contact The Tax Attorney today for all financial and tax problems under the sun, and get a free, instant consultation that will leave you with an earful of expert legal advice and a practical game plan that will give you hope. You might have beef with the IRS, but they don't have to have beef with you! Speak with one of our qualified tax attorneys or CPA's today and find out how we can lay your tax problems to rest for good.

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