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Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, we over budget or overestimate our ability to handle certain financial obligations. Other times, we struggle to make ends meet in the midst of a harsh economic environment. Sometimes the going gets so tough that we struggle to keep our heads above water and seek serious solutions for our debt problems. When you're faced with filing bankruptcy, it's time to call in an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Don't go it alone, whether it's a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy that you're filing.

Liquidation bankruptcy involves the sale of a debtor's assets. You'll need to fill out a bankruptcy petition, schedules, a statement of financial affairs, and a mound of other documents to successfully file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. Many of these documents are complex and can seem confusing, and you'll need to refer to banking records, credit card statements, loan documents, pay-stubs, and anything else that's proof of your complete portfolio of debts and assets. When it comes to filling out a schedule of assets and liabilities, voluntary petition for relief, and more, breathe easy knowing that an expert bankruptcy attorney is at your side to answer questions, fill out and file bankruptcy documents on your behalf, and ask the tough questions that will ensure you're providing all necessary information completely and accurately.

After you've proved your inability to pay your debt, a Meeting of Creditors will take place, and any creditor may show up to ask you about your bankruptcy and finances. A trustee will investigate your claims and make sure that they are true and correct. At this point, it's more crucial than ever to have representation by an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Our team of experts can help you through the entire meeting process. Chapter 7 puts you at risk for seizure of property and other assets. A bankruptcy attorney can help you file a discharge, which will protect you from creditors attempting to collect additional debt that you incurred before filing for bankruptcy, allowing you to eliminate much of your debt while protecting more of your property.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is closely related to Chapter 7, differing in that it is not required that you relinquish your property to wipe out debt. You can hang onto your assets, whether they are exempt or not. Chapter 13 requires the guidance of a good bankruptcy attorney. You may propose to enroll in a payment plan, which will allow you to restructure your debt by selecting certain creditors to pay over an extended length of time. Your disposable income is calculated according to the means test, and this is the amount you will use to pay off creditors and calculate an estimated payment amount. Watch out, because a trustee can challenge your proposed payment plan in bankruptcy court if they feel that you might be capable of paying more. That's where the services of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer are crucial. We can litigate and negotiate for you, eliminating you from a great deal of stress while ensuring the lowest payment plan possible.

We offer real legal advice, we represent you in court, and we speak with creditors so you don't have to. Save your home from foreclosure and hang on to your property. Eliminate time spent filing and filling out paperwork, researching bankruptcy law, and dealing with court proceedings. We can represent you with all aspects of your bankruptcy claim and get you that much closer to a clean financial slate!

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