IRS Fact Finding

Our Specialized Tax Defense Team Consists Of U.S. Tax Attorneys, IRS Enrolled Agents, CPA's and Professional Tax Experts all dedicated to helping you resolve your tax problem.

IRS Fact Finding

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The Tax, a nationwide tax resolution firm, announces an exclusive IRS Fact Finding Investigation service for $499.


Tax Release Inc and it’s commonly known name is very excited to announce an affordable service by tax professionals for taxpayers taking the first step to resolve their tax problems

“Thousands of people across the nation have IRS problems. The desperation and extreme levels of stress and anxiety involved when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service causes people to fall victims to unscrupulous tax resolution companies charging several thousands of dollars to purportedly solve their problems. Unfortunately, common taxpayers, who are intimidated because they do not know how the system works, retain the first company they talked to. Taxpayers who have severe tax problems should never be forced or persuaded to get into a contract not knowing or understanding what they are getting into. ” Says Ed Lopez, Esq., founder of

The Tax now offers a special IRS Fact Finding investigation (“FFI”) service that will give taxpayers the upper hand when dealing with the IRS. The FFI is a unique service which will provide taxpayers the ability to ascertain their tax history and information directly from the IRS.

By purchasing the FFI service, taxpayers will be able to ascertain their total tax liabilities over the years; their payment history including refunds taken; and which years the payments were applied to.

“This is a great service. We provide the information needed within 48-72 hours to help taxpayers make an informed decision. Especially when time is of the essence and they receive demand notices from the Internal Revenue Service.” informs Michael J. Azagra, Business Development Manager.

With FFI, taxpayers will gain knowledge if their tax liabilities are no longer collectible due to the expiration of the statute of limitations and what tax debt was discharged due to a prior bankruptcy filing. Included in the service is being able to get hold of copies of any transcripts pertaining to wage and income and prior tax returns filed.

And lastly, with the FFI service, taxpayers will be given an evaluation and analysis as to the nature of the problem with the IRS, if any, and recommendations on how to resolve the issues involved. Once the FFI is completed, we will be able to determine the best tax resolution to immediately stop any IRS collection activity.

Taxpayers do have the option to handle their problems on their own, but having a tax professional on your side who has experience in dealing with the IRS ensures the best possible solution available. It is always advised not to handle any severe tax problem on your own because any error or mistake caused by you may increase the problem even greater causing serious consequences.

Our Specialized Tax Defense Team Consists Of U.S. Tax Attorneys, IRS Enrolled Agents, CPA’s and Professional Tax Experts all dedicated to helping taxpayers resolve their tax problem. For a limited time only, Tax Release is providing a free initial consultation. Call 855.829.4771 / 855.TAX.IRS1 or simply email [email protected]